3M is eliminating 1,500 jobs in a reconfiguration of world


On: Jan 2020

Industrial giant 3M is reducing almost 1,500 employers across the globe as the firm wants to reconstruct. The recently announced job cuts amounts to over 1.5 percent of its overall worker count of 96,000, in its 4th quarter earnings. 3M released sales and earnings that unnoticed forecasts and published an expected outlook for 2020. The company is well known for implementing Scotch tape and Post-it notes, but now, it was recorded among the badly performing stocks in the Dow previous year.

The 3M shares plunges around six percent on the cutting and earnings reports. It is also urged that it will gathered a pre-tax reconfiguration charge of $134 million in the Q4 as of job cuts. But the company is predicting pre-tax savings of $40-$50 million in 2020 from the reconstructing. The 3M has been hit strongly by the harsh trade conflict between the United States of America and China. In the October 2018, the firm stated that the trade concern with China would be a biggest threat and it is only gotten difficult since then.

In April 2019, 3M shares downturn of 13 percent in a day which was considered to be worst drop in three decades after the firm discovered weakness in China and a powerful American dollar were damaging sales as well as earnings. At that time 3M decreased its outlook and said it was dropping 2,000 jobs. And even though the US dollar has since cooled off and the America and China have signed a phase 1 trade agreement, the company is still struggling. The sales of the firm declined in both Asia and Europe during the 4th quarter.

The deadly storm of coronavirus creates another problem for 3M in China. The CEO of 3M, Michael Roman stated that the sales of the company are off to a lowest start in China so far this year.