3M to import masks for healthcare workers


On: Apr 2020

Reportedly, 3M has decided to import millions of protective masks for the healthcare workers of the United States after falling into a war along with the US president Donald Trump administration regarding the shortages of the important protective wear. The firm which located in Minnesota, said that it will be agreed to import almost 166.5 million masks over the next three months, mainly from its factory in China.

Last week, the United States president invoked defence production act in association to 3M, which also indicated that he was not satisfied with the firms’ delivery of N95 masks to the country’s healthcare workers fighting coronavirus outbreak. Recently, Mr. Trump said that he has solved things with the organization after speaking with the chief executive of 3M Michael Roman.

He further added that, we have issued a deal along with 3M for the proper delivery of an extra 55.5 million higher quality face masks in each month, through which we are able to get almost 166.5 million masks for our healthcare workers. The company is already implementing 35 million N95 masks per month in the United States of America mostly for its industries. But the hospitals have still suffered with insufficiency of securing equipment. The company also stated that it exports a lower proportion of its USA production to Canada as well as Latin America.