5G network to launch in 2020


On: Jan 2020

Speedy mobile browsing with the fifth-gen network is enjoying extravagant popularity. After the first 5th-generation smartphones created their industrial debut in the previous year, what newer implementations can techies expect in the sector of mobile communications in 2020? Whereas, in the German mainland, the establishment of the 5G network is still in its beginning. In last year, four mobile phone carriers advance for 5G licenses and refunded a total of 6.6 billion euros to the federal government of Germany that’s missing for network building.

The fifth-generation network of Vodafone which was launched in summer 2019, recently has only nearly 10,000 users, said by the company spokesman, Tobias Krzossa. They are determined as early adopters that users who seek to utilize fresh technologies as early as possible. Additionally, there are only fewer 5G-oriented smartphones in the industry at the moment.

The recent mobile phone prices of Vodafone already deliver the opportunity to use next-gen services, but some places in Germany provide coverage of 5G. Mr. Krzossa stated that our aim is to connect 10 million people to the 5G network by the end of 2020. Reportedly, the Vodafone has nearly 30 million mobile phone users in Germany. But it doesn’t mean that the firm will have 10 million customers browsing at 5th-gen speeds. It also indicates that around 10 million people would be able to search on Vodafone’s 5G network only if they were customers of the firm and had the proper smartphones.