Administration claims telecom firm supported by military


On: Jun 2020

Reportedly, the United States Defense Department has evaluated that around 20 leading Chinese companies, such as Huawei, are owned by or supported by the military of China. The list, observed by American media, represents video surveillance company Hikvision, China Mobile, AVIC as well as Chinese telecommunication firms. The confirmation could place the groundwork for all new United States fiscal sanctions against the companies.

It comes as America has pressured other nations, including the United Kingdom to ban Huawei for national security purposes. According to the Defense Department, the United States businesses, investors as well as desirable partners of the Chinese companies about the role such companies may perform in moving sensitive technology to the Chinese armed forces.

Under the United States legislation, the Defense Department is needed to find out companies which are owned or managed by China’s People’s Liberation Army that active in the United States. AS per the recent news, in November, American senators Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, urging for an update on US policy reviews that are compulsorily applied by the senators assisted their worries related to the difficulty of exporting critical American technologies to firms with Chinese bonds.