Administration to review H-1B wage gains


On: Jan 2021

The new administration of the US president Joe Biden will inspect the proposal of the former president’s administration that had hunted gained wages for new applicants of H-1B visa. The estimates of the anti-immigrant which is a strengthening Wage Protections for both permanent and non-permanent employments of particular Aliens in the United States. It had been issued by the previous government which would have also rose H-1B wages by 30 percent. The investigation by the administration of Joe Biden is anticipated to deliver much relief to firms that recruit Indian engineers.

As per the reports, on the 14th of January, the United States Federal Register released the new regulations but now the current administration places it under regulatory pending review. Previously, this rule was operated through the 15th of March, which will now come into force from the 14th of May. The American tech firms have been recruiting engineers from India, that estimate for many H-1B visa holders to accommodate a deficiency of domestic tech talent. 

In 2020, the average number of recipients of the H-1B visa was the US companies. Reportedly, Amazon got the highest number of H-1b visas, which was pursued by TCS, Microsoft, Cognizant, and google. The regulations proposed by the administration of Donald Trump are termed for growing wage levels of H-1B employees and employment-driven green card holders in rounds over the next couple of years.

For the selection process of the H-1B for fiscal 2022, the firms would have to submit their applications in April, which will not be changed further. The rule will be kick-started from the 1st of July, 2021. And, hence the 60-day closure would not generate a practical impact unless it will permit DOL to re-evaluate outing this rule to commence. The 15-day period of comment permits the public to send some related comments so that it would be convenient for the new administration to revoke the rule.