Advocacy group sues to ban president’s executive order


On: Jun 2020

The Tech advocacy group supported by the top tech giants sued the US president Donald Trump on Tuesday over his newly executive order that would lower a legislation securing online platforms such as social media firms that label his posts. The Washington-located Tech advocacy group said in its law that Donald Trump’s executive order damages the 1st Amendment rights of social networking media firms. It reported that the order was released after Twitter amended one of president’s tweets and labelled it clearly retaliatory.

The case indicates that American president’s executive order will spoil future online speech by other speakers and decrease the capability of the US citizens to speak freely on online platforms. The president in a try to operate social media sites where he has been blamed, said previous week that he will launch rule that be scrap a legislation that has secured internet firms like Facebook and Twitter.

The proposed plan was part of an executive order that had been signed by the United States president who have also attacked Twitter for tagging his tweets related to undesirable claims of fraud about mail-in voting with an urging prompting all readers to fact-check the posts. Furthermore, he added that he seeks to remove or alter a provision of lawsuit called as Section 230 that shields social media organization from liability for the quality of content uploaded by their users.