Airlines add flights as demand gains


On: Jun 2020

American airlines increasing their flight schedules in order to prepare for the summer season after experiencing a gain in customer demand, but returning back to the last year’s travel numbers will take more period, as stated by the airline executive. The COVID-19 pandemic has totally damaged the airline industry, with empty flights and parked aircraft the most observable signs of problem. However, push to restart the nation has offered US carriers with a positive hope.

Recently, American airlines declared that it will boost the number of local flights next month. The airlines states that it is planning to fly over 55 percent of its July 2019 domestic flights schedule next month after average regular passenger numbers gained from nearly 32,000 in April to over 110,000 in late May.

The US senior vice president of network strategy said that the decision of American airlines to include additional flights in next month was driven by three major factors such as restarting states, increase demand and positive feedback of customers. If passengers have options to go on travel and if states continue to restart the course that they are at, it looks simply reasonable that extreme demand will come back. If it doesn’t come back, then out capability to move on and decrease flying is easier than it is to go and involve it, said by the airline executive.