Appealing defence production act


On: Apr 2020

The United States president Donald Trump appealed the defence production act to support companies developing ventilators for coronavirus patients to get the supply of medical materials they require. In a statement, the American president directed the United States of America health and human services secretary to utilize his administration to help provide the major supply of ventilator components for 6 leading companies including Medtronic, Hill Rom Holding, Royal Philips N.V. Resmed, Vyaire Medical and General Electric.

Many lawmakers have complained for Mr. Trump to invoke the defence production act to stop or at least minimize the nation’s expanding shortage of ventilators. Due to the rapid-spreading COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease, and hence the requirement for ventilators is extremely large. State chiefs and health experts told that the country will need tens of thousands of extra ventilators.

The US president said that I am grateful to invoke defence production act and other local manufacturers for building up their implementation of ventilators during this difficult situation. This order will save many lives by reducing problems in the supply chain that hamper the massive production of ventilators. Furthermore, the president of the United States tweeted that the defence production act enhanced his authority to conquer 3M hard.