Automaker searches for design chief to develop cars


On: Jan 2021

The well-known automaker Tesla is hunting for a design chief in China, as part of attempts to open a full-function studio in Shanghai or Beijing and meanwhile, implement electric vehicles that adopted to consumer tastes of China, according to the familiar source. The human resource managers and several headhunters of the United States carmaker have been dragging the whole industry over the last four months.

The source said that they are searching for bi-cultural candidates along with 20 or more decades of experience who are closely familiar with Chinese choices and can construct the gaps between China and the United States. Some candidates have been interviewed by the global design chief of Tesla, Franz von Holzhausen, even though it was unclear how many possible candidates had been contacted by the company and recruiters.

The source spoke about the invisibility condition because of the sensitivity and confidential nature of the whole matter. The automaker and von Holzhausen did not respond to request for comment. As per the consultancy LMC Automotive, China is the largest auto market of the globe, and it is also the biggest platform for all-electric cars along with sales volumes anticipated to reach around 1.5 million cars in 2021. It is also the no.2 market of Tesla after the United States. 

The plans of carmaker for the design studio are not completely developed and the sources hope that the company will be expected to wait for more clearance on tensed relations between US and China under a new president of the United States before generating a last decision on the move and all its details.

The talent search was mainly concentrated within China, meets with comments from the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk early previous year. He said during a media event in Shanghai, I think something that would be extremely cool to generate a China design as well as engineering centre to implement an original vehicle in China for consumption across the world.