Bar crawl spreads COVID-19 in southern Germany


On: Sep 2020

Different authorities in southern Germany have recorded 3 more COVID-19 infections in people who moderately bars visited by a 26-year old American woman suspected of mocking quarantine regulations in the Alpine resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The current cases take the overall number of latest COVID-19 infections in the town to nearly 59, involving 25 staff member of a hotel resort where American woman operated that caters to the military personnel of the United States.

The head of the county administration, Anton Speer said that the authorities are still waiting for the outcomes of around 300 tests that carried out Monday and it was soon to provide the clear image. The three new COVID-19 infections identified from 740 tests carried out over the weekend.

The governor of Bavaria, Markus Soeder, named the pandemic in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a case of huge stupidity, as the 26-year-old American woman had performed partying despite having coronavirus symptoms and awaiting a test outcome. He said that the such kind of disregard must have residue and indicated the woman would surely receive a huge fine.

One of the spokeswoman in Munich said that her office had opened a preliminary survey into the American woman on uncertainty of causing bodily harm. Therefore, the investigation is still continuing. The outbreak has lead to initial ban on bars as well as restaurants and a regulation that no more than 5 people can gather in public places. 

The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is opened for the members of the US military, their families as well as veterans, which has also close completely for 2 weeks. American military is organizing its own inspection into the happening and is suggesting any service members or others who had in contact with the employee of Edelweiss that tested for COVID-19, said by the spokesman for the American Army Europe, John Tomassi.