Building space initiation sites in North Sea


On: Oct 2020

According to the Federation of German Industries, the Germany should boost its space technology sector by implementing a mobile micro-launch platform in the North Sea which could send domestic security payloads into trajectory. The idea grabbed the way during the end of summer season, because of the trade association released its ideas in a report and started discussions with governing authorities, such as economic affairs as well as defense ministries.

The initiative of micro-launch platform sites is planned or under establishment throughout Europe, as it is the product of commercial determination. As the USA and other nations want to induce space talent of Germany to abroad, having access to space station on short period is the prime objective for tiny payloads as well as small cost operations need to fund firms to stay in the country. But there is also a political perspective.

Previous year, NATO announced that space as an operational sector that requires to expand its universal footprints on the subject, carrying plans from France as well as Germany to generate alliance-supported center of excellence. The leader of the industry lobbying group’s defense and space practice of Germany, Matthias Wachter said that if the German government were to obtain behind this, then it would gain the possibilities for the nation to host the center there. 

In addition to this, he also criticized that the capital of Germany would be capable enough to provide micro-launch platform to NATO and meanwhile, the European Union, hence by contributing to the sort of high-technology defense ecosystem which Europeans extremely seek. There are numerous micro-launch firms such as Isar Aerosapce Technologies, based in south zone of Munich, Hylmpulse Technologies, located in a small town between Frankfurt & Stuttgart and Rocket Factory, Augsburg, Bavaria.