Business lobby increases concerns over payroll tax


On: Aug 2020

The leading business group of the United States of America raised major concerns related to American president Donald Trump’s move to postpone social security payroll taxes for the US employees, warning that the plan for a phase of economic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic would prove unworkable. The Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the US Chamber of Commerce, a White House associate in fights to drop federal regulations and payroll taxes.

The objective of the US president Donald Trump is surrounded by uncertainty because of its application as well as implementation and only heighten the challenges for firms that are attempting to put his action in place. But there was no quick reaction from Donald Trump administration. American president directed the Treasury Department to temporarily postpone the 6.2 percent of social security payroll taxes on wages paid by workers, starting from 1st of September and lasting through the end of 2020.

He further said that his ultimate aim is to produce the tax break on permanent basis which would need approval from congressional leaders. That’s why Democrats have blamed Donald Trump’s plan as a try to undermine Social Security’s fiscals and Republicans observe to have small enthusiasm for the idea.