Chile introduces int’l campaign to uplift tourism


On: Jan 2020

Reportedly, Chile initiated an international ad campaign in order to encourage the country as an adventure tourism destination. The drive followed a plunge in foreign tourists impelled away over two months of irregular violent anti-government objections. Numerous sports and personalities of Chile gathered to proclaim the drive at the ceremony held in Metropolitan Park in Santiago which was targeted to make Chile as one of the extraordinary field for adventure as well as rugged sports.

Chilean sports minister, Cecilia Perez indicated that several foreign tourists who visited Chile perform sports in the outdoors of the nation as their sports figures analyze the marvels of northern, southern and central Chile.

Nearly 30 % of foreign tourists to Chile said that they participated in a sport during their stay which was around 60 % and meanwhile, urged that they came to enjoy the nature’s beauty and wildlife, according to the Chilean Federation of Tourism Businesses (Fedetur). The campaign has been entitled as Welcome to Adventure Tourism whose principle aim is to attract various other nations in a bid to increase tourism.

During the recent peak season, the Federation of Tourism Businesses of Chile is ready for a 38.2 % decline in the arrivals of foreign visitors. The deputy minister of tourism, Monica Zalaquett said that, tourism creates more than 400,000 jobs throughout Chile. In the month of November, the country was identified for the 5th time as the Best adventure tourism destination of South America by the World travel awards.