Chinese telecom firm ejects Q3 revenue growth


On: Oct 2020

The leading telecom company of China, Huawei that ejected a 3rd quarter revenue growth due to the affect of the coronavirus pandemic included to supply-chain threats that generated about by US limitations on performing business with the Chinese company. The data comes a day the telecommunications equipment maker declared its recent flagship smartphone, possibly its final model in the high-quality Android platform that mainly relied on the United States technology.

The figures also revealed after Sweden that became the recent country to block Huawei from its 5G network infrastructure, following the US limitations of relation of the Huawei with Chinese communist government which the firm has cancelled. Suggesting at the halt to nearly four years of double-dight revenue growth of almost 9.9 percent in January- September vs the similar period a year initially to 671.3 billion yuan, the private firm told in a statement without offering a segment separation.

Revenue for the Q3 increased to 3.7 percent in this ongoing year to almost 217.3 billion yuan. Huawei said that net profit margin for the 9 months was just 8 percent vs 8.7 percent over similar phase a year earlier. The United States of America is in the spring to decline the access of the Chinese equipment maker to American software and chip making equipment, following same measures in May 2019 that are taking effect.

The Kirin chips of Huawei, implemented in-house, helped catapult the company to the leading the world handset industry. Earlier in 2020, the chief executive of the consumer business group Richard Yu stated that the US limitations indicated Huawei would soon halt generating high-quality Kirin chips. Analysts predict its stocks of the chips to carried out next year. Yesterday, Mr. Yu released the recent flagship smartphone series of the Huawei in livestream that called as the Mate 40.