Chinese textile firms seeking American industry expansion


On: Jan 2020

The textile companies from China have been actively analyzing and enlarging into the United States industry through extraordinary innovation, advanced services, and larger global footprints. The executive director and general manager of RomRol Outdoor, Jiang Nan said that our company has been investing around seven percent of yearly revenue in our study and manufacturing efforts since 2015. RomRol outdoor is a Jiangsu Province-oriented firm committed to implementing functional fabric as well as clothing in order to serve outdoor brands and brands with fashion outdoor assortments.

During one of the events, RomRol Outdoor showcased attendees, including designers, brands and retailers, a catwalk function representing its several cutting-edge technologies. Its brands are light-absorbing fabric and temperature sensor fabric which is settled to be extremely eye-catching.

RomRol Outdoor is only one of the many Chinese firms that dramatize technology and innovation to become more competitive in the worldwide industry. Mr. Jiang said that we are still a decade behind our rivals in nations such as Japan and Germany, but that also indicates we have the extravagant potential for growth.

He states that Chinese firms utilized to only focus on the already bigger domestic market, but as the local industry becomes full proof and communication with international associations becomes ever closer, they are now more excited to compete on the worldwide stage and expand their international industry share.

The function was organized in parallel with the Home Textiles Sourcing, the Texworld USA expos, and Apparel Sourcing USA, at the Javits Center earlier this week and assisting together over 300 exhibitors from 17 nations and regions around the globe. Reportedly, more than half of the exhibitors came from China and they develop functional fabrics, knits, embroidery, cotton, lace, embroidery, faux fur and much more.