Crude increases after propelling fuel demand


On: Aug 2020

Reportedly, the crude oil prices gained more than two percent after the government information represented US oil inventories dropped across the board, increasing hopes that fuel demand in the world’s largest economy will withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States gasoline, distillate inventories and crude oil prices decreased previous week as refines speed up production and demand advanced.

The fuel demand of the USA increased to 19.37 million barrels per day previous week, which is the highest figure since March. The senior energy analyst said that we are observing the fuel demand bounce back as the oil market is tightening a much faster than people though. The president of Lipow Oil Associates Andrew Lipow said that the extremely surprising data was the drop in oil production by 300,000 bpd at the same period that we have been hearing producers discussing about restoring production.

That is going to offer more assistance to crude oil prices for the whole balance of the year. The downward revision of EIA is a major key to the oil production of the United States that forecast for this year also gathered support to crude oil prices. The crude production is predicted to decline 990,000 billion per day in 2020 to almost 11.06 billion per day, steeper than the 600,000 billion per day drop it forecast previous month.