Declining funds may hamper emergency aid scheme


On: May 2020

Reportedly, the World Health Organization said that they are more concerned about their emergency aid programs as it will suffer if the US president Donald Trump permanently eliminates the USA funding from the universal agency. Most of the funding from the United States of American directly goes out to the emergency aid programs that helps nations in all kinds of unpredictable and hard settings.

 The executive director of WHO’s health emergencies scheme, Dr. Mike Ryan said that we need to work with other partners to assure those funds can still flow to secure the emergency aid programs. This considered to be a large implication for offering important medical services to some of the most unprotected people in the globe and we believe established donors will, if require, move into fill that gap.

The Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that, the budget of agency is already lower, at around $2.3 bn per year. That small amount equivalent to yearly budget of a medium-scaled hospitals in the emerged world. As we have reported earlier, the president of America threatened to permanently drops USA funding of the World Health Organization. He also said that if the WHO is not bale to commit to key substantive advancements within 30 days, then he will temporarily stop American funding to the WHO on permanent basis.