Discussions on next coronavirus aid bill


On: Apr 2020

The Democratic leader of Senate Chuck Schumer stated that, the United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and other congressional leaders will organize bipartisan talks on a brand-new coronavirus aid bill along with the target of clinching an agreement by early next week. The report about the releasing of a newest coronavirus aid bill came one day after Republicans declined to smash through the Senate a $250 billion increment in loans for small enterprises suffering because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Reportedly, Democrats assist the $250bn in new investment but expect to keep aside some of the funding for community as well as minority-driven banks. Rather than the small-scale business investment, Mr. Schumer and the speaker of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi are wanting another funding program of over $250 billion, which would be used for helping hospitals that are dealing with increasing number of coronavirus infected patients and support to states and domestic governments, alongside enlarged food assistance for the poor.

Republicans are not satisfied with this second batch of funding, called it is incomplete. Democrats label the coronavirus aid bill as interim to finalize before transmitting onto a broader measure to help American economy rescue from a huge boost in job losses and business downturns as the people stay at home and wait for the coronavirus to be moved under control.