Drafts regulation permits to work on 5G standards


On: May 2020

The United States Department of Commerce is planning to sign on a new regulation that would permit the US enterprises to operate with the Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei on placing standards for the next generation of 5G networks. Engineers in some American tech firms closed engaging with Huawei to implement standards after the Commerce Department banned the company previous year. 

The industry and government officials said that this decision has put the United States of America at a major disadvantage. In the meetings of standard settings, where protocol as well as technical portfolios are designed that allow appliances from other firms to operate together. In last May, the Commerce Department putted Huawei on its entity list, representing national security worries. The listing limited American goods and technology sales to the Chinese firm and gained questions about how US enterprises could take part in companies that generate industry standards.

After a year of unreliability, the Commerce Department has drafted a new regulation to address the problem. The rule allows the US enterprises to participate in standards authorities where Huawei is also a member of it. The draft is under final outlook at the Commerce Department of the United States and if the draft cleared, it would move to other agencies for further approval, But still, it is unclear that the whole process will take of if another agency will oppose it.