Getting license to send some products to Chinese telecom


On: Sep 2020

According to the source, the world’s leading chipmaker Intel has recently gathered licenses from the authorities of the United States of America in order to continue supplying specific products to the Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei Technologies. As the ties between the China and the United States became worst in decades, Washington has been presuming governments across the globe to extract Huawei, indicating that the Chinese telecom giant would offer information to the government of China for espionage.

From 15th of September, new restraints have banned the US companies from supplying or even servicing the telecom company of China Securities Journal told that Intel had collected permission to supply Huawei. Previous week, the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(SMIC) of China finalized that it had also received authority to continue servicing Huawei. The SMIC utilizes the United States origin equipment to generate chips for Huawei as well as other firms.

The chipmaker of South Korea SK Hynix also applied for American license for sales of Huawei, but it has not received any approval, said by the company spokesperson. He further said by declining to be recognized as they were not legal to discuss with media and also told that non-US companies may not have a vital priority of receiving US approval and chipmakers are documenting possible plans to gain supplies to other customers.

In the month of August, the chip designer of Taiwan, MediaTek revealed that it had applied to American government for authorization to continue offering Huawei of China. The firm was originated in 1987 by a former engineer in People’s Liberation Army of China, declines it secret agents for Beijing and stated that US companies are trying to stain it as Western companies are falling behind in 5th gene technology.