Government agencies stroked by hackers


On: Dec 2020

According to the recent investigation, the United States government agencies were hampered by a massive campaign of cyber-attacks by hackers who were found of exploiting a problem in the update of American software firm. A spokesman of the National Security Council, John Ullyot said in a statement that the government agencies of the United States of America is fully aware of these reports and they are taking all the significant steps in order to recognize and solution to any problems regarding this condition.

The recent attacks may be considered as the worst in the latest memory as hackers observe to have stabbed the Texas company systems that auctions technology products to some sensitive targets including the Disease Control and Prevention Centers, the FBI, the State Department, 5 branches of the American military, as well as 425 companies out of the Fortune 500, as per the official website of company and the government statistics.

Reportedly, the attacks contained snooping on emails at the United States Treasury Department and a part of the Commerce Department. An unknown hacking group supported by the government of Russia which is suspected behind the breach.

The overall condition recommends that as the United States of America government was concentrated over the past several months on revealing as well as resisting potential Russian interference in the presidential election of the United States which was an effort that highly observed as successfully detected hackers of Russia who were operating their path into the computer networks of the US government agencies and crucial corporate victims unidentified.

Based on the current survey, well-known companies including Austin, Texas-driven SolarWinds Corporation released a statement discovering to finalize that the software update system for one of its products had been completely utilized to send malware to the customers of these organization.