House passes new coronavirus relief package


On: Dec 2020

The House of Representatives finalized aid bill of $892 bn which has been determined as a significant to the pandemic-hampered economy of the country. It has also cleared the path for Senate bill finalization. The House in bipartisan votes which also released a $1.4 trillion measure that will keep the government of the United States funded for next year, which will also move to the Senate for approval.

The coronavirus relief package would become legislation if passed by the Senate as well as signed by President Donald Trump, contain $600 payments to numerous Americans and extra payments to the millions of citizens of the country who throwed out of work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, asked lawmakers of the country to offer major assistance to the coronavirus relief package even though she complained that it didn’t contain the direct aid for states as well as local governments that Democrats had discovered. She stated that they would attempt for it again in 2021 after Democratic elect-president Joe Biden takes office.

She said that the bill does not move all the way but it takes governing authority down the path. The Republican Representative Hal Rogers has also supported the package and said that it indicates a moderate compromise.  The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell stated that the phase of the law in the Senate would be somehow late, but we are definitely going to complete tonight.

The wide-ranging aid bill of around 5,593 pages is expect to be the final essential piece of law for the 116th Congress that expires on 3rd of January. Mr. McConnell said that it has an overall $350 billion for relief bill, including that more than $500 billion in funding arrives from unexpanded amount that Congress had approved.