Implementing new renovation project to save energy


On: Oct 2020

The European Union is recently declaring a huge establishing renovation project in this ongoing week expecting to decrease energy costs and meanwhile, polluting emissions while offerings a major gain to the construction industry. The Commission president of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen told that the group of the 27 nation must boost the phase of renovation if it is to meet weather modification targets and further, added that most efforts will move to hospitals, schools as well as social housing.

The group confused with generating that fail to include heat in winter season and it unable to maintain people cool in the season of summer, developing massive energy costs that hamper local budgets but also the whole atmosphere of cities. Leyen said that our buildings are accountable for 40 percent of our energy consumption. And numerous buildings are renovated at the present pace, it would need more than a century to bring out emissions from building to nearly zero.

The public investment of such kind of projects would also help offset the huge damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has done to the economy of group. Some of the fiscal aid included is all set to arrive from the 750 billion euro rebound fund that supported by the leaders of the European Union over the summer.

 The European Union has generated a target to renovate three percent of government building each year in order to save energy costs, but due to poor administration some studies indicate that this target is almost difficult to complete. 

Previous month, Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson urged the requirement for renovations to fulfill the target of group of weather neutrality and told that the renovation rate must now double in figure. He also said that over a third of the group’s emissions come from buildings, via heating as well as air-conditioning. The official declaration of the plans is scheduled for Wednesday.