Imposing tough COVID-19 measures countrywide


On: Jan 2021

The German government recently declared that as incidences as well as death rates of the COVID-19 infections remain high in the country, tougher limitations would take effect across the nation until at least the end of January. Some of the federal states of Germany already demonstrated the weekend stricter regulations that the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the minister-presidents finalized on previous week, reported by a news media.

As per the new restrictions, non-essential shops, bars, restaurants as well as leisure facilities remain halted. In addition to this, the citizens of Germany are only permitted to meet with one other person who is not from their household. According to the German government, for zones that overtakes a seven-day incidence of around 200 new COVID-19 infections per 100,000 citizens, the travel radius is limited to nearly 15 km around the residence, unless a proper reason for travel can be offered.

The major objective of the federal as well as state governments is to transfer the 7-day incidence, which literally gained from 137 per 100, 000 residents on Friday to almost 167 inhabitants on Monday, withdraw to less than 50 so that the health system of Germany would not be exhausted.

The latest statistics have been elaborated that the figure of the coronavirus epidemic massively gained across the Germany. In accordance to that the reports further stated that the death counts in the country had been rose by 343 in a single day.

Based on the currently released news, more than 613,000 Germans have acquired a coronavirus vaccination since the vaccination program commenced late previous month. According to the data published by the Federal Government agency for disease control and prevention, the vaccine figures correspond to around 7.4 vaccinations per 1,000 residents of the country.