Initiative to gain green hydrogen production


On: Dec 2020

According to the source, nearly seven companies involving developer ACWA Power as well as Iberdrola, a utility of Spain which have created a combine initiative in order to scale up the recent production of green hydrogen in the next 6 years and meanwhile, record decrease costs. As we all know that, the green hydrogen is said to be a zero-carbon fuel developed by electrolysis, utilizing renewable power from wind as well as solar to segregate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Based on the recently represented data, it is growingly named as a way to decarbonize discharges-intensive heavy market as well as transport sectors, but presently costs of production of green hydrogen are extremely costlier to be competitive with other fuels. The well-known Green Hydrogen Catapult drive also contains the gas group of Italy Snam, Envision, the low-carbon technology group, renewable energy developer Ørsted, CWP Renewables, renewable energy investor, and fertilizer firm, Yara.

Its main goal is to deploy around 25 gigawatts of renewables-oriented green hydrogen production to 2026 and to halve the recent price of the fuel to less than $2 per kg. In addition, this, its aim will need expenditure of almost $110 billion which is to be gained from a mixture of debits as well as equity providers, along with some co-investment publicly and provide over 120,000 jobs, it stated. 

The industry experts told that a $2 per kg cost will generate green hydrogen extremely competitive with various other fuels and meanwhile, motivate extra-large scale projects. The chief executive officer of ACWA Power firm, Paddy Padmanathan recently said that from an essential industry perspective, we observe no technical barriers to motivating this, and hence its period to obtain in accordance with the moral cycle of price reduction through increase.