Lawmakers urges to reconsider troop reduction plan


On: Jun 2020

According to the report launched by the source, several House of Representatives Republican lawmakers asked the United States president Donald Trump to review his decision to decline the numerous American troops in Germany, indicating their availability is the support of deterrent of NATO against aggression of Russia.

The six Republican lawmakers, led by the senior Republican of House Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul as well as Representative Adam Kinzinger stated that the footprint of the USA military in Germany served as the strategic interest of Washington beyond Europe and into the Middle East & Africa, which have observed the increasing influence of China as well as Russia. All 6 signers are associates of the Foreign Affairs committee.

The president of America said that initially he would drop the number of militants in Germany to almost 25,000 signaling the halt ally for plunging to meet defense spending aim of NATO and accusing it of gathering unpleasant benefit on trade. His proposals indicate a decrement of around 9,500 military officers, quickly declared by Democrats and Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans.

The Republican lawmakers also warned that both Moscow and Beijing sought to prompted divisions between Washington and its associates, and stated that they were suffered to observe that several American allies had not been finalized on the given plans.