Local governments to phase out natural gas - Calibre Research


On: Jul 2022

According to a familiar source, Los Angeles is banning the hook-ups of natural gas in brand-new presidential as well as a commercial building that takes effect on the 1st of January, 2023. Alongside, the 57th locality of California will establish promises to eliminate natural gas, and many other cities around the nation are also obeying the same suit. In an inappropriate effort to decrease emissions, local governments that release some ordinances like these completely ignore how essential natural gas is for the wider energy landscape and also for families as well as businesses.

Across the nation, natural gas is estimated for around 38 percent of electricity production and almost 177 million Americans use natural gas to heat their houses and cooking meals. Additionally, natural gas is also considered an affordable source of energy. Furthermore, natural gas is accounted to cost around 1-quarter the price of overall electricity generation which adds to an average yearly savings of more than $1,000 in household utilities.

The United States Energy Information Administration noted that burning natural gas for energy generation results in fewer emissions of almost all types of air pollutants and CO2 than burning coal or petroleum products to develop a similar amount of energy. Even with all of these advantages determined, some environmental activists would urge to release of several policies that drive up costs for families and businesses and cause restrictions on consumer choice. Around 77 municipalities across the country have initiated or captured some form of a prohibition on natural gas hook-ups.