Many news organizations criticizing SBA


On: May 2020

Reportedly, the top news firms are blaming the US Small Business Administration for illegally accessing the government records that representing who gathered over $700 bn in taxpayer-supported small business loans. The officials said that the case filed on Tuesday in the federal court, Washington, which indicates that certifying the public has proper access to data related to how public funds are consumed and enforcing federal freedom-of-information legislation.

The vice president Communications Kris Coratti Kelly said that the US Small Business Administration has distributed huge amount to the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan scheme during the crisis of the coronavirus, but it has declined to reveal who is collecting the funds and total amounts as well. He said that this lawsuit wants to impose federal legislation and allow the public to observe how their tax dollars are consumed on these loan programs.

But the spokesman for the US Small Business Administration refused to comment. The lawsuits observe as Small Business Administration (SBA) and the officials of Treasury Department have been operating to implement numerous applications for low-interest, subsidized loans in order to help small-scale business weather the economic destruction caused by the COVID-19. The dollar two trillion Cares act economic stimulus package contains $669 bn for the Paycheck protection program, which encourages banks to provide less-interest loans that are needed to be consumed especially on payroll.