Minor league baseball teams criticize insurers


On: Jun 2020

Reportedly, 15 United States minor league baseball teams blamed several insurers for not paying out benefits for business disturbance losses after the elimination of all the seasonal leagues due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The elimination is said to be a catastrophic loss for the baseball teams, which contain the Fort Wayne TinCaps in Indiana, Chattanooga Lookouts in Tennessee as well as the Amarillo Sod Poodles in Texas, the teams stated in lawsuit filed in the federal court of Pennsylvania.

They fight claims of the insurers that their losses are not controlled by their policies. The revocation of minor league baseball games is the recent example of how the epidemic is affecting worldwide sports events. According to the news, the worldwide insurers have started cancelling claims from all kinds of businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, including hotels, retail stores as well as restaurants. 

Based on the currently held news the several insurers said that distinct policies only applicable when the potential physical property destruction prevents a business from working. The minor league teams’ suit charges that the availability of the COVID-19 has cause such sort of damage and that discharges in some coverage for viruses and bacteria are avoided.