Minority-owned firms waited for loans


On: Jan 2021

Several minority-owned small businesses were captured at the end of line in the coronavirus relief program of the United States government because many struggles to discover banks that would approve their applications or were hampered by the terms of the scheme. The information from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) issued on 1st of December last year and evaluated by the Associated press. 

It showed that several minority owners excited for a relief loan that did not get one until the Paycheck Protection Program’s previous few weeks while numerous white business owners were receive loans initially in the program. It started on 3rd of April and closed on 8th of August and collected around 5.2 million loans that worth of $525 billion which helped many small businesses during a phase when government measures to administer the coronavirus pandemic forced may to close or work at a decreased capacity.

But it grappled to meet its assurance of aiding communities that historically have not gathered the help they required. Congress has accepted a 3rd round of PPP loans of around $284 billion. While companies that didn’t receive loans lastly have another chance at help, as per the document of the law businesses hindered by COVID-19 outbreak will be eligible for a 2nd loan.

The 1st round of program observed excellent demand and the Small Business Administration finalized $349 billion in loans in two weeks. Whereas, several minority-owned companies applied to several banks early in the program and were eliminated, while others could not capture banks to respond to their applications as well as investigations.

The US Black Chambers of president, Ron Busby said that many of our small businesses were being close down in the first as well as second round of funding. That caused application drain and frustration.