Needing 180-day stay in post unemployment


On: Apr 2020

Suspecting huge layoffs in the United States of America because of the coronavirus epidemic that is badly hitting the several businesses across the globe, the foreign technology expert, H-1B visa demanding Donald Trump administration to extend their post unemployment limit to stay in America from existing 60-days t0 180-days. The company is a non-immigrant visa that permits the United States firms to recruit foreign employees in expertise occupations that need technical or theoretical specialization.

According to the recent federal rules an H-1B visa holder require to leave the United States of America along with their family members within the period of 60 days of losing their job. Economic analysts worry large layoffs in several sectors of the US economy due to the recent economic distress that is only creates problematic situations in the upcoming weeks and months. Reportedly, almost 3.3 million Americans have filed unemployment claims for the week ending 21st of March.

Based on the current estimates, nearly 47 million people could be considered unemployed. The people who works on H-1B visa are not eligible for jobless benefits. Furthermore, they are not also recommended to the social security advantages, even though there is decrements from their salary for this purpose.