Opera to open new data center


On: Mar 2020

The well-known web development firm Opera is all set to open a brand new data center in South Africa in 2020. This news was issued by Jorgen Arnesen, who is head of marketing and distribution at Opera. As we all know that Opera is a free web browser for different operating systems including Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS and iOS which is developed by Opera software.

Nearly 6.93 percent market share in South Africa, Opera is the 3rd most famous browser on the mainland after Safari and Chrome. Norwegian-oriented company has an increasing user base of over 350 million monthly active users across the world, along with 120 million of those users based in the territory of South Africa.

Mr. Arnesen said that two years ago, Opera declared its Africa first strategy that pursued its investment of over $100 million to boost internet adoption in the African continent and enhance the internet ecosystem with domestic partners. He said that our company is searching at investing in a data center in South Africa and we are operating with mobile network operators to generate more reasonable access to the internet from mobile gadgets.

South Africa is a significant industry for Opera and we will continue to look for different opportunities to deliver the best possible user experience. Therefore, we are anticipated to launch the data center very soon and its main aim is to promote the user experience along with even speedy browsing through Opera products. The organization recently established data centers in Nigeria and Kenya, which are now considered as a part of the global IT infrastructure of Opera.