Preparing for ultra-cold coronavirus vaccine distribution


On: Nov 2020

Airlines are climbing to generate ultra-cold shipping as well as reservation facilities to transport COVID-19 vaccines implemented by Pfizer and Moderna whose doses need deep freezing are expected to be among the first to be allocated. A current survey by an association of air cargo and a group of the drug shippers discovered only 15 percent of industry vendors that felt ready to discharge goods near the -70 degrees Celsius needed by the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines, while almost 60 percent could meet Moderna less stringent minus 20 degrees Celsius need.

Airlines mainly use containers with cooling substances like dry ice to transport pharmaceutical materials, bust some do not have any temperature controls, creating products susceptible for flight delays. They are now determining many options ranging from a big plug-in freezer that can cost around an amount of a small car to a multi-layered canister that utilizes liquid nitrogen to ship COVID-29 vaccines needing a deep freeze.

The possible demand for such high-end packaging material has helped shares of cold container experts like Cryoport and Germany-located va-Q-tec VQTG.DE more than double in figures in present months. With direct deals with five temperature-administrator container manufacturers, Korean Air has reserved sufficient amounts of container. The spokesperson of Korean Air said that our airline in process of signing agreements with other container manufacturers.

Furthermore, the Air France said that it was preparing for a test run with one of the drugmakers of the country, but it has not disclosed its name. It will observe some clod samples distributed at ultra-low temperatures, expected through the airport of Amsterdam Schiphol. The drill will utilize boxes that carrying around 5,000 doses at a time which are cooled by dry ice, said by the special cargo manager of Air France, Beatrice Delpuech. Later on, the shipments may also utilize bigger ultra-cold containers that are rented from va-Q-tec.