Rail security technology to be installed soon


On: Dec 2020

Some regulators said that the railroad industry is going to installed an automates braking system on 58,000 miles before deadline. The chief of Federal Railroad Administration Ronald Batory said that the railroad industry operated together over the last 12 years in order to implement and meanwhile, install the long-awaited technology called positive train control or PTC. 

Nearly $15 billion braking system is targeted decreasing human error by automatically halting trains in particular situations, including as when they are in risk of derailing, colliding due to excessive speed, traveling in the wrong direction or reaching track under maintenance as switching mistakes. He said that the PTC is a dangerous reduction system which will generate a secure railroad industry even safer and also offer a powerful foundation upon which extra security advancements will be analyzed.

The analyst of railroad Tony Hatch said that the railroad industry had been proposing to assure that each system of railroad would operate along with those installed by other railroads because trains transferring people and goods that mostly travel across distinct tracks of railroad. Hatch further stated that it was a costly, time consuming as well as complicated project.

According to the source, the braking system utilizes GPD, computer and wireless radio in order to administer the position of train and speed, and it can offer engineer commands. The NTSB said that the system could have stopped the stopped the December 2017 accident of an Amtrak passenger train that happened in Washington killed 3 passengers and injured almost 57 people.

The chief executive officer of the Association of US Railroads trade group, Lan Jefferies said that concluding the positive train control systems is a significant milestone for the industry that will promote security and springboard innovation into the future.