Releasing a special authority for mining operations


On: Sep 2020

Reportedly, Mexico revealed a significant government protective force for mining operations On Monday, determined that the drug corporations have seized on the topological firms. Around 118 mine guards have graduated from an important training course and they are provided with strike rifles.

The public safety secretary Alfonso Durazo told that this will be extremely helpful thought to resolve the attacks by prepared crime in this field of the economy. It also reported that the worldwide gold as well as silver mining operations were enforced to generate extraction payments to drug organizations. In last decades, these gangs have also robbed minerals or semi-refined metals from the mining operations.

In 2015, a crime gang stolen nearly ten pounds of gold silver merge from workers at a big silver and gold mine that discovered in northern Mexico.  One of the mining firm said that the robbery happened near the Herradura mine in Sonora state. It further said that military forces pulled over a firm truck and robbed the metals without injuring none its workers.

The firm told that the robbery was happened by prepared crime which is mainly used in Mexico to assign to drug gangs. In the Michoacan, the Knights Templar cartel as well as La Familia group got indulged in exporting goods of iron ore from 2010 to 2014.

In 2018, the Pan American Silver Corporation of Canada drop some mining operation on the non-permanent basis at its mine factory that located in northern zone of Mexico because of the security concerns. The firm also stated that the workers have had protection incidents on roads that attributed to mine in far away portion of Chihuahua state, which is a zone infested by drug corporations. Some of the workers were stayed at the mine, fear to leave as of problems by armed teams, whereas some workers were departed on private planes.