Safety regulations to reopen plants


On: Apr 2020

The Detroit and the United Auto Workers (UAW) are in discussions about secure restarting of the production of the US plants that stopped by the coronavirus epidemic, but the domestic union leaders stated that any employees who feel sick must be permitted to stay home without losing fund. Both groups and automakers have not declared an agreement. The Detroit is focusing on to reopen at least some US plants in early May.

The automotive production of the United States had been closed in March as the number of coronavirus cases increased rapidly. The security practices and policies of sick leave the automakers and the UAW allow to provide a template for auto providers and other manufacturing industries. The president of UAW Rory Gamble said that the union has created it clear to auto firms that sufficient testing for coronavirus is major to reopening production of several US plants and there is need to generate an atmosphere where employees are agreeable to self-record symptoms and self-quarantine without any extra charges.

Detroit president, Bernie Ricke, said that the carmakers and distributors have offered assurance that they will permit self-quarantine without any penalties. They will also have the policy that if the worker is not feeling well, then he/she should just stay at home. This message we have collected from the national authorities and we believe that they are going to protect the people of our country.