Senate launches bill eliminating rouge companies


On: May 2020

The United States Senate has released a bill increasing oversight of firms based in China and other countries that could lead to their elimination from American stock exchanges. The administration of the USA president Donald Trump seeks different ways in order to punish Beijing for its earlier handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Efforts to stop the spread have damaged the worldwide growth and sent jobless rate in the United States increasing to almost 15%.

The main focus of the new law is on to the Chinese stocks figures from pre-virus worries that numerous companies of China listed on American stock exchanges are recently not evaluate to the similar investor security regulations and meanwhile, accounting key standards because many American firms leaving, small-scale retail investors facing a huge threat of fraud.

The bill tells all the firms in the globe that if you seek to list on American stock exchanges, you need to submit an audit and meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission has the ability to look at that audit, and if you refuse it three times, if more than a 3-year period, each of those 3 years, the authority of Senate said.  Whereas, the company stated that if you are not able to audit our audit, then they can no longer be listed on stock exchanges of the US.