Senators introduces law to enforce sanctions


On: May 2020

Based on the recent news, nine significant US Senators have demonstrated a new law in Congress wanting to authorize the United States of America president Donald Trump to enforce sanctions on China but if it fails to associate in offering an overall counting of events leading up to the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 Accountability act, introduced by the US Senators Lindsay Graham and co-sponsored by 8 others, was released in the upper chamber of Congress, the Senate on Tuesday.

The legislation allows American president to generate a certification to Congress within sixty days that China has offered a whole accounting to any coronavirus probe led by the United States, its associates or the affiliates of the United Nation including World Health Organization and has halted all operating net industries that have ability to represent humans to health problems via the demonstration of zoonotic disease into the mankind population.

The US Senators said that, without any certification, Donald Trump would be able to put a series of sanctions like travel restrictions, visa revocations, asset freezes, limiting American financial authorities from creating loans, or underwriting to businesses of China as well as banning Chinese companies from listed on the US stock exchanges.  Mr. Graham said that without the deception of the Chinese Communist party, the COVID-19 would not be here in America.