Several EU countries restrict travel from UK


On: Dec 2020

An increasing list of European countries and Canada banned travel from the UK on Sunday and others were determining same action, in a bid to block a new coronavirus variant gaining across Southern part of England from spreading to the whole continent. Reportedly, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland as well as Bulgaria all declared limitations on the travels of the UK.

This declaration made hours after the British Prime minister Boris Johnson declared that Christmas festival shopping as well as gatherings in southern England must be eliminated as of instantly spreading infections on the new coronavirus variant. Mr. Johnson rapidly placed those zones under a tough new Tier 4 limitations level, upending Christmas festival plans for millions.

Due to the new coronavirus variant, France blocks all travel from UK for next 48 hours from midnight Sunday, involving trucks carrying payload through the tunnel under the English Channel or from the port of Dover of England. The officials of France said that the close would capture period to discover a common concept on how to deal with the pandemic, but it dropped the busy cross-channel path used by several trucks a day.

The port of Dover currently tweeted that its packet terminal was halted to all accompanied traffic leaving the United Kingdom further observe because of the border limitations in France. The passenger trains of Eurostar from London to Parris, Amsterdam and Brussels were also closed. 

Germany said that all flights coming from UK, excluding cargo flights, were not allowed to land beginning midnight Sunday. It did not instantly say how long the plane block would last. The prime minister of Belgian Alexander De Croo stated that he was releasing a flight blockage for 24 hours commencing at midnight out of precaution.