Shattering dominance on clean energy technologies - Calibre Research


On: Jul 2022

The United States and Australia have urged the significance of halting the near-complete dependency on China for zero-emissions technology delivers while signing a brand-new deal that pledges to speed up the implementation of climate solutions. In a recent press conference, the United States energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, and also the climate change and energy minister of Australia, Chris Bowen declared a net-zero technology acceleration integration, with the main focus on long-term clean energy storage and computing power grids.

They informed that the new deal was encouraged by the requirement for clean energy and an important mineral supply chain that didn’t rely on China, which is accountable for almost 80 percent of solar energy technology development. As reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is anticipated to grab 95 percent by 2025. American energy secretary compared the threat of depending on China for clean energy technology to the west’s over-reliance on fossil fuels of Russia 

She is concerned that China has massive-footed a bunch of technology as well as supply chains that could create other nations vulnerable if we do not implement our own supply chains. From a perspective of energy security, it is commanding that countries that share similar values implement supply chains, not only for the climate but for energy protection. Granholm added that we have observed what occurs when we depend too much on a single entity for the source of fuel and we do not seek that to occur again that’s why in order to diversifying those energy resources and connecting with associates is a key part of energy security.