Spain to alter economic downturn as unemployment increases


On: Oct 2020

Reportedly, the Spanish government is planning to gain taxes on major enterprises and meanwhile, utilize around 27 billion euros in European allowances because it attempts to alter one of the biggest COVID-19 related plunge among emerging economies. The country has been facing a massive resurgence of the coronavirus that has claimed nearly 35,000 lives. The Spanish government stated that coronavirus has infected over three million people since the commencing of the pandemic, although tests have diagnosed only a 3rd of that number.

A severe lockdown from March to June and limitations to trunk current outbreaks that have affected the fourth biggest economy of Europe, which is largely dependent on tourism and it was only just starting to rebound from the last financial crisis. The jobless rate of Spain gained to 16.3 percent that is rise from 15.3 percent in the last quarter as almost 355,000 people lost their jobs between the period of July-September, reported by the National Statistics Institute.

The total number of Spanish people out of job is nearly 3.7 million, whereas, numerous people are still on non-permanent furlough programs that has been paid by the governing authority. In order to observe the economic plunge, the Spanish government recently planned around 240 bn euro domestic spending proposal for 2021 that gains subsidies for the poor people, gains pensions, permits a fundamental income scheme and offers additional funds for the affected health system of Spain.

The budget plan for the next year is all set to be confirmed by Spanish ministers in the controlling left-wing coalition and deferred to the European Commission. Then the government grapples a huge fight to generate parliamentary confirmation with significant assistance from contender parties. The prime minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez has named the budget plan as energetic as well as progressive which concentrated on restructuring the overall economic growth.