States plan to tighten COVID-19 rules as infection rises


On: Dec 2020

Leading officials have warned that several German states moved to a hardest lockdown due to the continued high coronavirus pandemic which could overwhelm hospitals and that numerous people were ignoring existing restriction of the pandemic that generated by the governing authorities of the German states.

The Saxony governor, Michael Kretschmer declared that schools as well as other stores will close until 10th of January because the eastern German states recorded the worst infection rates in the country. As per the figures released by German disease control agency, represented that the number of newly finalized cases per 100,000 residents reaching to around 320 in a week in Saxony.

Whereas, the governor of Bavaria to the southern state, Markus Soeder urged the regional lawmakers to support the decision of his government to announce a state of emergency and meanwhile, demonstrate strict new measures involving a nighttime curfew, additional home schooling and tougher border controls. He said that the infection figures are not going down and thus, it looks like that the 2nd wave is extremely worse than the first.

The country managed to decline the large number of infections as well as harsh death tolls observed in some other big European countries in Spring season and it continues to have a less whole fatality rate than nations including France, Britain and Spain. But while limitations imposed in November have decreased the exponential gain in cases.

The disease control agency, Robert Koch Institute reported that nearly 14,054 newly confirmed cases in the last 24 hours on Tuesday, therefore, taking the total figure to the COVID-19 outbreak to around 1.2 million. The number of coronavirus-driven deaths in Germany increased by 423 to almost 19,342. Mr. Soeder told lawmakers that every four minutes a person in the country dies of coronavirus. He further said that the pandemic is the largest disaster that this ongoing generation has ever experienced.