Stocks collapse as coronavirus cases rise


On: Oct 2020

On Monday, the US stocks market closed session on lower note on concerns that increasing COVID-19 infections in both the United States and Europe will hamper business activity and deeper impact on the worldwide economic activity.  Meanwhile, losses gained as another session moved without an agreement for pre-election financial stimulus.

The US stocks market observed massive selloff because COVID-19 cases increasing in the United States of America and European continent, gaining worries related to extreme harm to the weaken economy. The recent data showed that the daily COVID019 cases in the US have increased by an average of 68,767, over the last 7 days. 

Decreasing prospect over the White House and Republicans beating a stimulus agreement with Democrats before the election also accelerated selloff.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke various times previous week on possible agreement to send money to most citizens of nation, reopen supplemental advantages for laid-off employees and offer support to schools etc.

But wider partisan contrast remains on Capitol Hill and period is moving out for anything to occur before election day on 3rd of November. Any deal reached between House Democrats and the White House would also expect to face major resistance from Republicans in administration of the Senate.

Airline stocks moved in some of the US stocks market’s poor performance on the day. Vital weakness was also appeared among energy stocks, which transferred largely lower along with the crude oil price. According to the recently issued news, the crude oil for December delivery this year has been decreased to $1.26 to $38.89 per barrel. Housing, as well as computer hardware software, chemical stocks also represented noteworthy moves to the trouble amid broad-oriented weakness on Wall Street.