Tariffs could cost battle against virus


On: Apr 2020

As per the report, the US tariffs on imported medical equipment, mainly from China have included to the struggle in the America’s battle against the coronavirus epidemic. Both the USA and China have been involved in an escalating tariff spat since 2018. Across several rounds, US tariffs were placed on crucial medical supplies from China involving medical protective clothing, CT systems, personal protective equipment(PPE) as well as disposable medical headwear.

Moreover, the fastest-spreading COVID-19 disease has led to rapidly increasing cases throughout the globe including the United States of America which is now the nation with the largest number of coronavirus cases and deaths. As compared to other nations with an extreme flexible perspective toward importing PPEs, imposing US tariffs has further undetermined and response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Numerous analysts said that, without tariffs, the United States of America would be in a better place in this dangerous game, with various other countries climbing to imports many evaluative medical products from China. On the other hand, several states across the United States have recorded that the number of intensive care unit beds are not sufficient enough, while the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has suggested that respirators could depart soon as the hospital resources of the city are stretched.