Technology employees from proposed visa limitations


On: Jun 2020

The information technology firm Nasscom discovered an exemption for technology employees from limitations that may be enforced in the United States, indicating such staff in performing major role in maintaining tricky infrastructure working in the country. The statistics comes amid reports that the United States of America is determining laid offs of numerous job visas such as the H-1B which is found after among IT professionals of India in perspective of huge unemployment in the USA because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Nasscom stated that as businesses restart, it is significant for America to access intelligence difficult to the recovery session and the United States companies require access to vital technology employees who are keeping analytical infrastructure working. The company said that these contain hospitals, healthcare as well as online services and operating vital roles in order to implement treatments for this pandemic.

Highly skilled employees on non-immigrant visas including H-1Bs and L-1s are performing essential roles in the services delivery and the establishment of these materials. It included that without their continued contributions, the economic destruction would dangerous, the industry would slow, and the timeline for a disease treatment and cure could be prolong. Given this, the company want exemption for technology employees as crucial workers, from any limitations that may be enforced in a 2nd proclamation of White House.