Travel industry accumulates quarantine drive


On: Sep 2020

The European Union leaders have recently stricken the tourism and travel industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have requested to the chief executive of EU to permit the governing authorities to close quarantine needs and rather than hold up collaborative limitations as well as testing. This tricky condition needs quick personal involvement, a ad-hoc group of over 20 industry groups along with airline body IATA said to the Commission President of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen.

The request came as information from airports’ team ACI Europe On 17th of September which has pointed out on a dual-dip air traffic drop with passenger number decreased to 73 percent in the 1st two weeks of September, just after a 65 percent of drop in August. This month, the executive of EU planned an usual traffic light system crafted to administer travel industries restrictions among European Union states as well as avert the patchwork of regulations and quarantine commands criticized for the renewed drop in travel industries.

But with the massive gain in coronavirus cases, the governments are resistant to decline more tough limitations and quarantines blamed by the industry as improper to the threats of travel within a zone where community movement is already wider. Ireland, where the travelling limits have been challenged in Ryanair court, to quarantine arrivals from Greece as well as Italy based on the tougher criteria for the infection-rate than those planned by the European Union. 

Different travel industries wrote to the von der Leyen, failure to completely develop the proposal of Commission would hamper any possibilities of a recovery. The draft was signed by many trade bodies together showcasing over 5,000 firms as well as millions of employees in sectors that ranging from air travel and its agents to restaurants, hotels, and their supply chains too.