Urge companies to observe Chinese investment ban


On: Jan 2021

The Unites States State Department has planned to issue a fact document that urging the investors of the country to comply with executive order blocking expenditures in alleged Chinese military firms, as reported by a familiar source. The executive order launched by the administration of the US president Donald Trump in November, that bans Americans from acquiring securities of around 35 Chinese military firms that the US Department of Defense has deemed to be captured or administrated by the military of China, commencing in November this year. 

There is more confusion about the requirement of order that demonstrated the New York Stock Exchange previous Thursday to declare plans to delist 3 Chinese telecommunication companies that the Pentagon included to the backlist. Recently, the NYSE took the decision and thereafter in a surprise twist the exchange averted for a 2nd time on Wednesday and vowed to continue with its propose to delist the companies.

The guidance offered by the State Department drops light on the order but exhorts the people of America to comply. A draft released by the State Department represents that several warnings has been provided to the compliance officers as well as risk managers in order to understand and reveal to their components the material risk merged with the Executive order.

The chief executive officers and their boards have an authorized duty to generate and be in a complete compliance with the Executive order. 3 people declined to be labelled since the matter was not yet public, finalized plans to issue the document and two of them approved the contents.

The State Department spokesperson denied to finalize the fact document but said that we are continue to operate with Treasury Department, Department of Defense and others to establish the executive order of president to promote the threat from securities that finance Communist Chinese military firms.