World’s biggest vehicle industry registers annual downturn


On: Jan 2020

Car sales in the Chinese continent continued to drop, recording a 2nd straight yearly decline, though a decreasing pace of drops signals the largest industry of the world may be close to a bottom. Sales of sport utility cars, sedans, minivans & multipurpose cars dropped to 3.6 percent previous month from a year earlier to almost 2.17 million units, as reported by the Chinese passenger car association. The decline was the 18th in the last 19 months, along with the only increment coming previous June when dealers offered huge discounts to strip inventory.

Reportedly, the vehicle manufacturers and dealerships are sharply struggling because a lower economy and tariff unreliability originated by trade concerns keep consumers away from various showrooms. General Motors Company stated that sales dropped to 15 percent in China the previous year and urged pressure on its business will continue in 2020.

According to the reports, the session of declines has decreased for 4 consecutive months as annual comparisons become secure. In 2020, the industry won’t be hampered by elements such as regulatory modifications that weighed on demand in the last year. The general secretary of PCA, Cui Donhshu stated the one percent growth this year’s auto sales, eliminating minivans.
Another industrial body called the Chinese association of automobile manufacturers, previous month predict that car sales will decline two percent in 2020 for the 3rd consecutive year-on-year drop. The last year’s decline was 7.5 percent as compared with 6 percent in 2018.

Based on PCA, the worldwide carmakers that have discharged billions of dollars into China over the last decades are not reviewing expansion plans. Peugeot maker of PSA group is acquired its 50 percent stake in a joint venture creating its DS brand vehicles in China. Suzuki motor corporation has thrown out of China in the year 2018.