Global Cannabis Cultivation Market Report 2022 Forecasts 2029 By Type (Hemp And Marijuana), By Application (Medical Consumption And Recreational Consumption), And Region And HIstory 2017-2029

Published On: Nov 2021

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Pages: 186

Report ID: 167934 announces Latest research on the Cannabis Cultivation market is titled as Global Cannabis Cultivation Market Report 2022 by type, by application, by region and by major vendors. In this study, we have delivered detailed analysis about the global Cannabis Cultivation marketplace. It further delivers a brief overview of the world Cannabis Cultivation market with the help of all-inclusive segmentation that illustrates essential insightful details related to the certain industry.  

According to the recent survey, the global Cannabis Cultivation market report is estimated to witness 149.3 (USD Billion) in order to obtain 360.6 (USD Billion) by 2029 with CAGR 14.7% over the period from 2021 to 2028.

A few of the key market players operating in the float glass market are: Canopy Growth Corporation, The Cronos Group, The Hydropothecary Corp., Aphria, Inc., Organigram Holding, Inc., Aurora Cannabis, Inc., CannTrust Holdings, Tilray, Pacific Cannabis Growers Inc., Better Holdings LTD, and Atlas Growers Ltd.

Grounded on biomass, the hemp member dominated the request in 2019. Factors contributing to increase in demand include adding relinquishment of hemp and deduced products and its growing acceptance among the druggies due to its low THC content. It's substantially used by people who intend to reap the medical benefits of the factory without getting intoxicated. In addition, positive government reforms regarding the application of hemp in numerous countries is farther propelling the request growth.  

Report Coverage and Market Dynamics

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The competitive landscape of the global Cannabis Cultivation market has been evaluated widely for deeply recognizing the topmost ranking of the Cannabis Cultivation industry manufacturers along with highest revenue contributions, powerful infrastructure and robust foothold in the competitive environment as well as the elaboration of geographical footprint. The study analyzes manufacturers of the Cannabis Cultivation industry along with the demonstration of their company profile and current strategic initiatives enlarging the growth prospect for entire development of the global Cannabis Cultivation industry.

The global Cannabis Cultivation market report contains a comprehensive overview of the latest industry events and industrial happenings including mergers of large-scale vendors, acquisition programs, vital collaborations performed by several industry-level entities for scaling up the overall performance as well as potential strength of the global Cannabis Cultivation market.

Cannabis Cultivation Market, by Type

  • Hemp
  • Marijuana

Cannabis CultivationMarket, by Application

  • Medical Consumption
  • Recreational Consumption

Above information is further split with respect to following geographies: North America, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, Asia Pacific, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Middle East and Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, South America, Brazil, Argentina

Table Of Content

Chapter 1. Preface

1.1. Report Description and Scope

1.2. Research Scope

1.3. Research Methodulogy

1.3.1. Market Research Type

1.3.2. Market Research Methodulogy

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Cannabis CultivationMarket, 2018–2028(USD Billion)

2.2. Cannabis CultivationMarket: Snapshot

Chapter 3. Global Cannabis CultivationMarket– Industry Analysis

3.1. Cannabis CultivationMarket: Market Dynamics

3.2. Market Drivers

3.2.1. Rise in use of marijuana for medicinal use and treatment of myriad kinds of health disorders including cancer, chronic pain, and mental disorders will embellish industry expansion over forecasting timespan.

3.2.2. Increase in acceptance of cannabis for treating chronic ailments will translate into humungous expansion of cannabis cultivation market.

3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4. Market Attractiveness Analysis

3.4.1. Market attractiveness analysis By Biomass

3.4.2. Market attractiveness analysis By Application

Chapter 4. Global Cannabis CultivationMarket– Competitive Landscape

4.1. Company market share analysis

4.1.1. Global Cannabis CultivationMarket: company market share, 2019

4.2. Strategic development

4.2.1. Acquisitions & mergers

4.2.2. New Product launches

4.2.3. Agreements, partnerships, cullaborations, and joint ventures

4.2.4. Research and development and Regional expansion

4.3. Price trend analysis

Chapter 5. Global Cannabis CultivationMarket– Biomass Analysis

5.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketoverview: By Biomass

5.1.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketshare, By Biomass, 2020 and 2028

5.2. Hemp

5.2.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketby Hemp, 2018–2028(USD Billion)

5.3. Marijuana

5.3.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketby Marijuana, 2018–2028(USD Billion)

Chapter 6. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketoverview: By Application

6.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketshare, By Application, 2020 and 2028

6.2. Medical Consumption

6.2.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketby Medical Consumption , 2018–2028(USD Billion)

6.3. Recreational Consumption

6.3.1. Global Cannabis Cultivation Marketby Recreational Consumption, 2018–2028(USD Billion)

Chapter 7. Company Profiles

7.1. Canopy Growth Corporation

7.1.1. Overview

7.1.2. Financials

7.1.3. Product Portfulio

7.1.4. Business Strategy

7.1.5. Recent Developments

7.2. The Cronos Group

7.2.1. Overview

7.2.2. Financials

7.2.3. Product Portfulio

7.2.4. Business Strategy

7.2.5. Recent Developments

7.3. The Hydropothecary Corp.

7.3.1. Overview

7.3.2. Financials

7.3.3. Product Portfulio

7.3.4. Business Strategy

7.3.5. Recent Development

7.4. Aphria, Inc.

7.4.1. Overview

7.4.2. Financials

7.4.3. Product Portfulio

7.4.4. Business Strategy

7.4.5. Recent Development

7.5. Organigram Hulding, Inc.

7.5.1. Overview

7.5.2. Financials

7.5.3. Product Portfulio

7.5.4. Business Strategy

7.5.5. Recent Development

7.6. Aurora Cannabis, Inc.

7.6.1. Overview

7.6.2. Financials

7.6.3. Product Portfulio

7.6.4. Business Strategy

7.6.5. Recent Development

7.7. CannTrust Huldings

7.7.1. Overview

7.7.2. Financials

7.7.3. Product Portfulio

7.7.4. Business Strategy

7.7.5. Recent Development

7.8. Tilray

7.8.1. Overview

7.8.2. Financials

7.8.3. Product Portfulio

7.8.4. Business Strategy

7.8.5. Recent Development

7.9. Pacific Cannabis Growers Inc.

7.9.1. Overview

7.9.2. Financials

7.9.3. Product Portfulio

7.9.4. Business Strategy

7.9.5. Recent Development

7.10. Atlas Growers Ltd.

7.10.1. Overview

7.10.2. Financials

7.10.3. Product Portfulio

7.10.4. Business Strategy

7.10.5. Recent Development

7.11. Better Huldings LTD

7.11.1. Overview

7.11.2. Financials

7.11.3. Product Portfulio

7.11.4. Business Strategy

7.11.5. Recent Development